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Music in the 1980s was rich in Brazilian territory - Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil, Cazuza, Alceu Valença, Tim Maia, Chico Buarque, Rita Lee and many others; internationally, in turn, too, with Michael Jackson, Madonna, The Police, Kenny Rogers and Pink Floyd constitute a brief example.

And in this decade Matheus and René were born, creators of the Audio Dream - AD brand. The pair met during the mutual search for a national manufacturer that could fulfill a specific desire: a customized in-ear monitor of multiple armor with the signature aimed at the audiophile market.

This result resulted in a fruitful sum. Together, the pair had the necessary experience in hi-fi audio, electronics, speech therapy and commerce to achieve the mutual goal. Thus, Audio Dream begins to be considered in 2015.

Both have experienced, until then, the most diverse scenarios in the music business - headphones of the most varied models and styles, live concerts and professional studios of international level. The longing for something that would translate music as it is, without masks and embellishments - if not those intended by mixing and mastering - led the duo to develop the first product in the range of headphones. Thus, AD3 was born. Although constantly evolving, from the first prototype to the most recent release, the sound signature AD is clear and one: fidelity to music.

The result demonstrated the validity of the premise. Although new, AD has won over a wide range of users in this very narrow niche. Internationally renowned artists, enthusiasts and enthusiasts of the most varied musical preferences have already chosen the brand precisely because they never give up the guiding objective that is the fidelity of music as music is.

Audio Dream does not cease to constantly improve its specialty: to produce, for all audiences, headphones that deliver professional results with artistic touches to the client's taste. From wooden finish to gold, transparent boxes to smoke, the customer's desire and individuality will always be translated into one of the five custom IEM models available to choose from. Whether in AD3 - our entry model - or in Somnium - our reference IEM - all your dreams will be manifested there.

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