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A perfectly flat tone in ear with three balanced armatures on each side. Ideal if you like precise bass, correct vocals with a lot of presence and sharp and vivid highs. A great entry point to the true hi-fi world.
The AD3 offers -25dB of ambient noise attenuation, ideal for musicians and professionals who need insulation with quality monitoring in an excellent cost-effective solution. Thus, it is also possible to hear in smaller volumes, which preserves hearing health.
Even though it is one of the entry models, all the materials used are of the highest quality, as in the rest of our range.


R$2,200.00 Regular Price
R$1,900.00Sale Price
  • Frequency Response

    20Hz to 15kHz


    outlet ducts

    dual output



    3 balanced armature drivers on each side



    2 way

    Each Audio Dream headphone includes:

    • Kevlar-reinforced silver plated copper cable and teflon sheath with 3.5mm plug. Durable, comfortable, discreet and difficult to tangle.
    • Brush for cleaning and maintenance.
    • Rigid compartmental case developed to measure for maximum protection of the headset and its accessories.







  • 1 year for internal components

    90 days for Adjustments

    90 days to cable

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