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Energy and spatiality. The best of both worlds. Devilishly unique .


The newest launch of the reference line in 2021. The Diaboli is an innovative and daring project, as it has a 10mm magnetic planar driver and four electrostatic transducers.


Although we have a single philosophy for all our products, we always seek to bring unique and special experiences within the same objective. With Diaboli it is no different. In contrast to the hi-fi surgical accuracy of the Somnium EST , this new IEM combines two prestigious transducer technologies to create a presentation with strong personality without sacrificing precision and definition.


For the ideal signature, Diaboli has small openings in its shell . So the isolation, although present, is not as immersive as in other Audio Dream headphones, but on the other hand, you've never heard such a separate, wide and holographic soundstage on an in-ear monitor ! But don't worry: we don't sacrifice on-the-go use. It's still perfectly suited to being used outdoors.


The combination of the captivating bass of a magnetic planar headphone with the clear and airy highs of electrostatic technology, added to the sound stage worthy of a full-size headphone , make the Diaboli a unique headphone with a passionate personality. Immersive like an orchestral concert, visceral like a Marshall tube amp roaring at full volume. It is the ideal headset for articulate and musical performance enthusiasts; extremely detailed without resorting to clinical coldness.


The Diaboli is currently the most demanding monitor in our range in terms of amplification, beating the Somnium EST by a considerable margin. We recommend using amplifiers that are powerful enough so that the transducers have proper control and deliver the full experience of this project. As always, we are available to assist in the best use of the handset according to the customer's system. We have several hours of testing with the most famous and popular hi-fi and stage monitoring systems to ensure the best possible experience for each user.

AD Diaboli

  • Frequency Response

    20Hz to 70kHz


    outlet ducts

    dual output

    bell bore



    1 Planar driver 10 mm

    4 treble  This 



    2 ways

    Each Audio Dream headphone includes:

    • Kevlar-reinforced silver plated copper cable and teflon sheath with 3.5mm plug. Durable, comfortable, discreet and difficult to tangle.
    • Brush for cleaning and maintenance.
    • Rigid compartmental case developed to measure for maximum protection of the headset and its accessories.
  • 1 year for internal components

    90 days for Adjustments

    90 days to cable

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