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The AD8 has 8 balanced aramture per side, which raises all AD6 mastery to a higher level. Here we have the maximum possible neutrality of the monitors, delivering fidelity to the music (mixing and mastering). A headset that is the voice of all the songs, rescuing all the details, so that nothing goes unnoticed. We made it to be your reference for everything when listening to music and other headphones.
The AD8 reduces -25dB of ambient noise, ideal for professional musicians and audiophiles who need isolation to obtain the proper concentration and involvement with the music. And, of course, it allows it to be heard lower, without this meaning losing details, in addition to offering protection to your hearing health.
And as is common with Audiodream headphones, the materials used - shell and armor - are top notch since AD3. And the AD8 shaped specifically for your ear, too. Absolute comfort.


  • Frequency Response

    10Hz to 21kHz


    Outlet ducts

    Dual output



    8 balanced armature drivers on each side



    3 ways

    Each Audio Dream headset includes:

    • Copper cable with silver plated reinforced with kevlar and teflon housing with 3.5mm plug. Durable, comfortable, discreet and difficult to tangle.
    • Brush for cleaning and maintenance.
    • Hard compartmentalized case developed for maximum protection of the phone and its accessories.
  • 1 year for internal components

    90 days for Adjustments

    90 days to cable

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