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The Somnium experience combined with the legendary electrostatic power.

Our project for the ultimate endgame has broken a new barrier. The technology of electrostatic transducers is the preference among many enthusiasts of audiofilia for its unique characteristics and Somnium EST unites them with what has already made its older brother a success in the business.

This new model is not just an upgrade or a modified version of Somnium. The project was made from scratch to extract the best possible result from each component. Four balanced bass and four low profile armatures on each side are now complemented by 4 electrostatic treble drivers. The extension of Somnium in the bass and subwoofer in a flat and reliable response is now accompanied by the most crystalline and defined treble that can be achieved in an in-ear monitor.

And nothing else is needed. The Somnium EST project includes an internal current transformer to supply electrostatic transducers, which eliminates the use of energizers, specific external amplifiers for this type of phone.

Somnium EST delivers an experience in its own category compared to our other reference products. We always value linearity, but no other product in our line offers so controlled and fast bass, so correct midrange and so defined treble and with such an impressive decay. Likewise, the sound stage is the most holographic in the line. You will notice the abysmal difference between quality recordings and productions that leave something to be desired. The smallest details do not escape in the staccato of the stringed instruments, in the decay of the cymbals of the drums, in the overtones of saturated guitars, among other details that have always been there, but have never been so apparent.

It is our most demanding phone in amplification, but under no circumstances will it disappoint the user. However, it is possible to feel the highs and the sound stage blooming with the use of high gain amplifiers. Our exhaustive tests came to only one conclusion: when it comes to climbing, the sky is the limit of this EMI. Consult us and we will be happy to provide more information. We've already pushed Somnium EST with an extensive list of the most popular amplifiers - whether they are portable or not, digital or tube, economical or powerful. This headset is a luxurious hi-end experience with every new audition.

Somnium EST

  • Resposta de Frequência

    10Hz a 70kHz


    Dutos de saída

    Saída tripla



    8 drivers de armadura balanceada de cada lado

    4 Drivers Eletrostáticos



    3 vias

    Cada fone Audio Dream inclui:

    • Cabo de cobre com banho em prata reforçado com kevlar e invólucro em teflon com plug 3.5mm. Durável, confortável, discreto e difícil de emaranhar.
    • Escova para limpeza e manutenção.
    • Estojo compartimentado rígido desenvolvido sob medida para a máxima proteção do fone e seus acessórios.
  • 1 year for internal components

    90 days for Adjustments

    90 days for cable

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