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The Dream project is born from the constant search, and concern, regarding what we have heard over the years. The road, alongside our professional audience and hobbyists, music lovers, was encouraging us to build good headphones and Somnium .

Our peak, up to now, we imagined we achieved with Audiodream AD8. There was praise left over from all who appreciate music, but we wanted to offer alternatives. This restlessness, this constant search for a different sound than that achieved with AD8 (neutral and analytical, which faithfully reproduces the mix), but maintaining the AD signature, takes us to the Dream .

If on the one hand the AD8 aims to monitor the stage and support mixing, given its extreme fidelity, our Somnium was also the mastering via Main Room monitors, or the weight and precision of the excellent PAs. After all, there are 12 balanced armor drivers rigorously positioned in the project, which gives it, at the same time, linearity (neutrality) and personality. Full size effect on an EMI.

A Dream has a full sound, with great sound impact, with a lot of subwoofer and bass, but very clearly; open, clean and very defined sound. The impact of drums and bass drums and the presence of double basses - from Trash to Jazz - that you have always looked for, even without knowing if they were like that, will positively surprise you. The midrange sounds liquid and real, from guitars and pianos; vocals. The whole song. The details will be there, but not at the expense of the fun we intended.


  • Resposta de Frequência

    10Hz a 25kHz


    Dutos de saída

    Saída tripla



    8 drivers de armadura balanceada de cada lado

    1 Driver RAU Supertweeter



    3 vias

    Cada fone Audio Dream inclui:

    • Cabo de cobre com banho em prata reforçado com kevlar e invólucro em teflon com plug 3.5mm. Durável, confortável, discreto e difícil de emaranhar.
    • Escova para limpeza e manutenção.
    • Estojo compartimentado rígido desenvolvido sob medida para a máxima proteção do fone e seus acessórios.
  • 1 year for internal components

    90 days for Adjustments

    90 days to cable

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